In the beginning

As an entrepreneur, I often find that it’s the journey on the path to success that can be most rewarding.  The process of dreaming up the vision, generating the ideas, collaborating with like-minded individuals, as well as falling down and getting back up again can teach us the most valuable lessons as we build our brands.

It’s funny — the thing I feared would take away my “freedom” is the one thing that has allowed me to have it.

Joelle Steiniger

Having just returned from a trip to Miami with a friend and client who is on a new journey of her own, ECG was thrilled to assist in the process of bringing Arnita Craighead’s dream of becoming a business owner to life.  Craighead already had the ideas and expertise required to start her company, but needed a team of professionals that would believe in her vision.  I came on board as her communications consultant and paired her up with our creative director, Donsville Savariau, based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for the development of a customized, user-friendly website that would capture her vision and set her apart from others in her space.  

My client, Arnita Craighead and myself enjoying the busy workday in Miami for he company.

While many head down to Miami for the beaches, nightlife and good food, we were on a mission to get work done. Craighead and I met up with Savariau and makeup artist, Tiffany Scott in the Magic City for a full-fledged video production and photo-shoot that lasted practically all day.  The experience was both enjoyable and exhausting.  Of course the backdrop of Miami was breathtaking…palm trees, blue ocean and beautiful people.  However, the wind was definitely an issue, requiring most of our shots to be taken indoors.  Fortunately, the conditions didn’t affect the outcome of the final product.  Craighead ended up with some amazing photographs and knocked her speaking part for the video out of the park.

Arnita Craighead and the talented stylist China Simone enjoying the shoot.

As I watch Craighead pursue her dreams, she reminds me to continue to be brave, take risks and be fearless.  I look forward to watching her business grow and feel thankful to be a part of the journey.

Have you done something outside of your comfort zone lately?  I’d love to hear about your experience.